We innovate in the creation of methodologies and products of urban transformation both internally and in collaboration with our technological partners.

We promote new ideas and innovations in building construction, affordable housing, adaptation of new and smart technologies, and promotion of planned & sustainable urban development. Our key initiatives are:

1.Integration of traditional villages in the planned fold of urban sprawl.

2.Green Building that aims to promote healthy living with social cohesion in the small houses.

3.Android/tablet based building surveys to promote mapping of land uses and curb unapproved building construction.    


Our Green Building Design Concept is based on four pillars:

  • Family needs an open-air space for social cohesion and leisure time among parents & children.
  • Provision of open-air sports and exercise facilities within the house.
  • Children need frequent interaction with nature and birds/animals
  • Production of healthy fresh food within the houses