Plot / Apartment / Building

UCH facilitate the selected individuals for trustworthy sale and purchase of plots and properties in various housing schemes.  Advantages of engaging UCH for such sale/purchase of plots are:

  1. UCH has conducted forensic audit of over 30 housing schemes and has in-depth knowledge of land ownership and approval status of the housing schemes.
  2. UCH has in-depth knowledge of future prospects of appreciation of prices of plots and properties in various housing schemes.
  3. UCH deals with the top and senior management of the societies for rebate in prices on limited sale of plots.
  4. Therefore, UCH offers best options for the sale and purchase of plots and properties.

Construction Material

UCH facilitate the perspective builders for trustworthy and best deal purchase of construction materials.  Advantages of engaging UCH for sale/purchase of construction material are:

  1. UCH has in-depth knowledge of quality construction materials with best utilization.
  2. UCH’s architects and engineers are deeply involved in planning, designing, cost estimation and supervision of building construction activities. 
  3. UCH is vetting building plans and supervising construction of buildings in many housing schemes.
  4. UCH has direct contact with large number of owners, builders, contractors, and wholesale dealers for sale/purchase of construction materials.


Long working of our key professionals with the Rural Support Programmes (RSPs) and INGOs in Pakistan have enabled us to provide many services related to capacity building and value addition for government and private sector organizations, cooperative housing societies and NGOs.

  • Organizational assessments and institutional development
  • Local resource based initiative planning
  • Community Leadership training
  • Community infrastructure Training


Forensic Audit of Housing Schemes

UCH has conducted forensic audits of more than 35 housing schemes in the twin cities of Islamabad – Rawalpindi as per the orders of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and in accordance with the guidelines of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).


Reports have been submitted to  FIA, NAB,  Registrar Coop., RDA, CDA etc.

These guidelines have identified four core and major risk areas:

  • Procurement of land;
  • Allotments of plots;
  • Violation of Layout Plan (LOP);
  • Development works and related matters.
  • UCH has been engaged for identification of violation of Layout Plan (LOP) and verification of development works in these 35 housing schemes

  • Baharia Town – Safari Villas – I & II
  • Baharia Town -Phase-I, II & III
  • Baharia Town – Phase-VIII
  • T&TECHS – Telegardens Scheme
  • Faisal Town
  • Up Country 
  • Shalimar Town
  • Wapda Town 
  • University Town
  • Top City-1
  • Engineers’ Society
  • KRL Society
  • PARC Town Rawat
  • Airport Enclave
  • Doctors’ Town
  • Judicial Town Chattar           
  • Airport Enclave
  • NHF Housing Scheme 
  • PWD Housing Scheme Rawat
  • GECHS-Bahawalpur
  • Shaheen Enclave Sargodha
  • Kehkashan – Adyala Road
  • Kohsar View Housing Project


Our Chief Executive was National Coordinator and supervised the World Bank funded BISP Poverty Targeting Survey of over 14 million households living in 70 Districts of all over Pakistan for the.    



Long working of our Chief Executive with the Rural Support Programmes (RSPs) in Pakistan has enabled to provide following services.

  • Village and Community Development Plans
  • Participatory Development
  • Community Need Assessments
  • Social Mobilization
  • Village Land Use Planning